As technical and precise as prototyping and model-making is, occasionally a packaging or advertising project calls for a true artist’s touch. At POJOMODELS, our sculpting specialists will interpret your conceptual intentions accurately from your visual reference or verbal direction.
Our portfolio includes unique projects for consumer packaging, advertising and photography industries, as well as specialty props.
  • Fragrance and Cosmetic Packaging Designs
  • Advertising Hero Models
  • Food and Beverage Models
  • Specialty Models (Spills, Pours, Ice)
Sculpting_Ice Cream


Color attracts the eye, makes an impression, and can ultimately sell a design. At POJOMODELS, we take color very seriously because we understand that the foundation of the beauty industry is color and the ability of color to generate emotions in the consumer. Our objective is to utilize our decades of experience as artists to meet all of our clients’ expectations regarding the impact of color on a design. Working with broad or very specific color direction, our finishing department combines a variety of different mediums to achieve exactly the correct shade and finish.
  • Color-matching and Spraying
  • Faux Finishes
  • Vacuum Metalizing
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